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Hoover Steam Vac Review

Cost: $5.16.

List Price: $7.99 Our Price: $5.16 You Save 35%

Hoover 40110006 Final Filter 3 coating closing filter. No. 40110004: Fits version No. U5453 900, Hoover bagless, and WindTunnel, two filters per box No. 40110006: Fits version No. U6630 900, U6616 900, U5750 900, and self propelled and bagless WindTunnel uprights, two filters per box No. 4011000.

Cost: $139.83.

This powerful home steam vacuum saves you the cost and bother of having to rent a steam cleaner to maintain carpeting, upholstery, and bare floors (other than hardwoods) looking like new.

For more stubborn stains or for high ranking areas, this SteamVac also has a Clean Surge feature, which sends an additional blast of cleaning solution into the stain simply by pressing a button in the handle. When cleaning is complete, release the trigger and the SteamVac forces hot air into the cleaning path so that you can do a few dry strokes over the stain.

The top tank holds the detergent and a gallon of warm water and automatically mixes the two so that you don’t must get your hands wet.

For cleaning stairs or upholstery, this deep cleaner has a long 8-foot hose plus a distinctive stair/upholstery nozzle to wash out stains. The Hoover SteamVac is covered with a whole one-piece guarantee.

* SpinScrub — multi-directional brushes encircle rugs, to eliminate dirt at each angle.

* 3-Speed Brushroll Control — High for ordinary cleaning, low for mild cleaning, off for drip pick-up.

* Tool Mode — stops scrubbing brushes to safeguard hard flooring.

* Removable Brushes — pop outside for simple rinsing.

* Clean Surge Control — fingertip control utilizes additional detergent to spots and heavy traffic locations.

* Heated Drying — employs heat to ground to accelerate drying time.

* 8′ Stretch Hose — supplies immediate extended reach.

* Dual Tanks — easy-to-fill tanks maintain cleaning solution and dirty water separate.

* No Belts — not alter or substitute or split a belt.

* Powerful 12-amp Motor — gets all of the power required to get flooring genuinely clean.

* Carpet/Upholstery Detergent — Includes one 16 ounce jar of strong cleaning detergent.

* On Board Tools: SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool puts hard-to-reach cleaning at the palm of the hand: ideal for stairs, upholstery and stains.